Sunday, October 24

Another musical message!

Ben Harper Excuse me Mr !!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 20

Bottled Water and Water Shortage

I would like to clarify my thoughts on bottled water. There is certainly a need for bottled water in areas where there is not access to clean water. It's also great when camping, I don't always trust the water source in some of the places we have camped. An emergency water stash is great in a power or water outage.
It's true that the world needs bottled water, but as far as day to day living in areas where we are blessed with clean water, lets drink it.
Lets get a nice refillable water bottle and bottle our own!

In regards to water shortage and the seriousness of it please let me know what you think of this video. Water shortage, what will you do?

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Tuesday, October 12

Jim Gaffigan on bottled water

Bottled water is a huge industry now...and to think most of us can just walk to our sink and get it for free...but no, lets create a lot of waste in our world instead. Here's a little humor on the subject:

Jim Gaffigan - Bottled Water

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Saturday, October 9

Music with a message

I love music...

I think it is wonderful that there are artists out there who try to spread a message through their art, whether it be media or music. In this case it is music. Please enjoy the music with your ears and breath the message into your soul.
Click here:
What about now?

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Sunday, October 3

You don't know what you got till its gone!!

Do you think we may take our water a bit for granted? Check out this video, definitely "food" for thought...

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