Sunday, January 20

Water...It's uses are endless

Today's Water Tip:
Do you get mineral deposits in your shower which are hard to remove? Of course many people purchase water softeners and filters to help avoid this problem. If you do not have this equipment here is an easy tip to help avoid this nuisance. A coat of common car wax applied to the walls and door of your shower will help keep it free from that ugly haze that is so common in areas with hard water. The water will bead up on the surface and the wax will prevent the minerals from adhering to the shower surfaces. Reapply periodically to keep your shower shiny and bright.

The uses of water seem to be endless. From drinking water to industrial use to energy, it's amazing to think how dependent our world is on water. In my job my focus is on drinking water quality, but the more I work in this field the more I am awestruck by the wide use, and need of this precious and yet amazingly powerful resource, water.

Water can be peaceful and calm, or powerful and devastating. Imagine floating on an air mattress in a pool, the water gently slapping against your skin almost lulling you to sleep. Next imagine a storm where rain or ocean water is submerging a town, or what about a jet powered tool using water as a blade to cut steel. Is there anything else you can think of with such an awesome realm of abilities.

Our water comes from several sources, aquifers deep under the ground supply our water wells and springs. This is our purest form of water, many times through lab analysis, well water is deemed suitable for consumption straight from the source. Rivers and surface water are are also used for drinking water purposes, power, irrigation, industrial use, and recreation. Surface water along with many wells and streams must be treated to be suitable for consumption (water must be analyzed by a certified laboratory before drinking). Many vacation spots which we call lakes are actually reservoirs fed by rivers. Fish and wildlife are another thing to think about, without clean water they would become sick and eventually die.

Regardless, whether it's nurturing or devastating, our world can not function without this precious fluid, it's time we take a stand and begin to protect and properly manage, what is so vitally important in our world. Water.

Water is consumed for a spectrum of uses, turning round and round, like a water wheel.

My Summer Fun

Mt. Rainier National Forest

Annual Trout Picnic Family Photo 2007
Tower Rock U Fish Campground Randle WA

Tower Rock


Toni said...

It is interesting to me that my best friends is into water. One of my biggest fears is than in the next 20 years we will run out of usable water all together. People don't think about how much they waste letting the water run while they brush their teeth.

Pam said...

We enjoyed your site!! The pics of the reunion and Tower Rock were great. I've saved the site and we will be checking it!

Singerandactorwannabe said...

Ok, That saved me for a project thanks!