Monday, January 28

I want clean water! How about you?

Today's Water Tip:
Do you have a hot tub?
Many times people will leave a hose submerged in the tub when adding water. You should always have an air gap (a space between the end of your hose and the surface of the water) when adding water to hot tubs, decorative ponds, swimming pools, etc. If left submerged, and the water line pressure changes (due to a water line break or a fire hydrant being opened for example) there is a chance of the hose siphoning water from the outside source back into the water lines, which could contaminate the drinking water.

I want clean water! How about you?
Have you ever been to a resort or park where the beauty is ruined by garbage and litter floating in the water. I'm sure everyone has at one time or another. Not only does this ruin our vision, it puts many forms of wildlife at risk. Plastic rings from beverage packs can kill or maim an animal. I recently found this picture of a turtle that was badly deformed because of a plastic ring that had secured itself around the shell when the turtle was young. It doesn't look too comfy, does it. What about plastic wrap that can suffocate? Or broken glass that can cut. Not only is garbage an issue, but water is continually contaminated by people who dispose of waste and chemicals in rivers, lakes and streams. Do they even think about the people who swim in these waters? Or the animals that rely on it as their source of drinking water. Fish can't escape it because it is their home. Evidently, many people just don't think. Or is it that they really don't care? What ever the reason, improper disposal of garbage and contaminants ruin our water and land. We must go that extra mile to protect our environment. If we all make a conscious effort we can clean up our water, and preserve it for what's important. Our future.

Water is used for a spectrum of uses, turning round and round, like a water wheel.

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