Tuesday, April 21

Cross Connection and More...

Today's Water Tip:
Underground sprinklers and timers can help save water. Don't get caught with your sprinkler water running down the street! (Sprinkler systems fed by domestic drinking water can be a source of contamination. Make sure you have the proper backflow assembly installed on your system to protect the quality of the drinking water served to you and your neighbors).

Spring is a very busy time of year, along with the usual spring chores, our phone has been ringing off the hook. It's the Cross Connection programs, implemented by the cities that trigger this rush. Backflow assemblies everywhere need to be tested annually, and now's the time. This is a very important program which helps keep your drinking water safe.

I did recently find time to attend a class in Ellensburg, WA on Sanitary Survey of public drinking water systems. Cross Connection was a part of the class picture, but more importantly it covered water system maintenance, requirements, and operation as a whole. A reminder of how important water is in our lives and how we can not risk taking chances with it, and boy o boy, do people take chances. Sanitary Survey's are conducted by government employees, engineers and and companies like ours to make sure that public drinking water systems are operated in a way that is safe for the water users in that community or neighborhood. Water borne bacteria and contamination can cause illness or even kill.

The class was comprised of a diverse group, water professionals, utility workers, engineers, health district workers, private contractors (like me), along with representatives from Dept. of Health. It made me think about how water impacts people in every walk of life, and how many are involved with water in their professions. The lessons taught were something I wish everyone could learn and form a better understanding for a healthier future.

This class was sponsored by the Sate of Washington Dept. of Health, Office of Drinking Water. The instructor was Mr. Dan Sander, an excellent teacher who has worked in the water field for many years, and who's expertise was apparent to everyone there. Although he is an expert in his field, he is down to earth, funny, and easy to understand. The quality of the instructor and content of the class (along with lunch and goodies provided by Dan) shows me the commitment of our government to our knowledge, health and safety. Our state is committed to clean drinking water and a healthy future.

Please contact us @ Trout's Quality Water for more info on Cross Connection and backflow assemblies @ jettrout@gmail.com or 509-609-5676 .
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