Thursday, July 3

New Water Use Efficiency Rule

Well Hello There...
Its been a while, I've been down a road that I do not care to continue, and I am back now... AND feeling great. I did figure something out, "I can't do everything". I really am not Superwoman. Shocking I know, but true.

I have not posted about water in some time. Today I would like to talk about conservation. It's going to be huge in the future. This conservation thing is not just a silly idea, it is being implemented into our laws. The New Water Use Efficiency Rule is requiring many new procedures which will help protect our drinking water sources for our future generations. Lots of new reporting, installation of meters to measure the use and loss of water, and documented goal setting are just a few of the new rules that are going into effect. These rules will affect small community water systems and large municipalities alike.

Please send me your ideas:
I am looking for some new products and ideas which will help us to fulfill our responsibility for the future. Please send me your comment's regarding any ideas or products that you know of that promote the protection and conservation of drinking water.

More information is available regarding "The New Water Use Efficiency Rule" upon request.

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