Friday, February 22

A Day With No Water

Todays Water Tip:
Don't End Up High and "Dry"

While bottled water may not be the best thing for the environment due to the plastic bottles it comes in, it sure can be a life saver in an emergency. It does have a time and a place. You should always keep a stock of bottled water in your home. Individual bottles are convenient as you can use only what you need, although large jugs are also available. The bottles can also be refilled with tap water after opening for a more "green" approach, but make sure it is made of a safe plastic, and that they are washed thoroughly between uses with hot soapy water. A few bottles kept in your car can also be a big help in an emergency. Don't leave your self high and "dry". Be prepared.

A Day With No Water
Imagine you wake up in the morning as usual, your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert, you tiptoe into the bathroom, blindly grab a dixie cup, reach for the faucet and.....nothing. Not a drop.....what the heck? Nature calls so you sit down, after a few minutes you reach for the handle and....nada. Not a thing, it just jiggles. OK, whats going on here, I know I paid that water bill on time!?!

In the kitchen, same deal. 5:00 AM, who ya gonna call? So you shuffle to the fridge for some juice or milk or what ever is handy to wet the old palette, take a big gulp and head back to bed. Luckily sleep doesn't require water.

7:45 AM, the alarm rings. You shuffle back to the kitchen, grab the coffee pot, shove it under the faucet and.....oh yeah. No water. "OK, I think there is some bottled water in the garage." You find enough water to barely fill the coffee pot up half way. "Two scoops instead of four should do it." OK, so your on your way to wake up two sleeping cherubs for a day of learning and exploration, when you find the puppy looking extremely sheepish in the corner, and.....squish. "Oh man, this is all I need." You hop on one foot to the hallway bathroom and dig under the counter for some baby wipes that you stashed there yesterday. Good thing. You clean up your foot as best you can and drag your self into the twins room to wake them up for school, and you think, "what else could go wrong?"

After a cold cereal breakfast, baby wipe sponge baths, and hair do's done with the plant sprayer, you make the trek to school. Your husband luckily has the morning off, so hopefully he can figure out this "water thing."

Upon your return, you find out that hubby called the water company and discovered that there is a main line break a couple of blocks away, the water will be shut off for at least the rest of the day. Uggg! It's your day to volunteer at the school for a field trip and you desperately need a shower. Hubby on the other hand, throws on jeans, a shirt, and a baseball cap, and looks like he's ready for a day on the golf course. Oh man, this really sucks, thank God for baby wipes!

Get the picture? These things are only the beginning of the trials that will be encountered on this day without water. By the end of this day you will feel like you have been run down by a mac truck. It's like your on some forsaken waterless camp out where you were drug unwillingly by the hair. By the time the water is turned on the next morning you feel like you have never had such a wonderful luxury. Water.

There are people in the world who would think of this as a typical day. But they don't have baby wipes or plant sprayers or bottled water to get them through. They carry water to their homes daily to cook, clean, bathe, irrigate, and water their animals. For many of us, endless water is a luxury. We wouldn't know how to function with out it. Lets get a clue. Lets treat our water wisely and protect our luxury.

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel.
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Trisha said...

Hi, I agree water's really important. I have a blog called birdtablenews. The other week we had such freezing weather for days on end that the pond and puddles were frozen. We have a lot of garden birds come to the pond for water every day. I had to keep an old dish full of water for these birds who gathered round it for their daily drink. So water's important to everything on this planet.

Seraphtwo said...

Love you part about boiling water. When I was in Korea we had to do that and we called it popcorn water, (dont know why). It always tasted funny but was safe to drink and to bathe in too!

The facial information rocks, I'm going to try that.


J Trout said...

Thank you Toni, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.