Monday, March 10

It's Been To Long

Today's Water Tip:
Re-use your water bottles. Bottled water is a huge convenience, but......we're accumulating an awful lot of plastic waste, and that's not good. Refill your (safe plastic) water bottles as often as you can with tap water or filtered water from your fridge. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to wash the bottle between each use because bacteria will begin to grow quickly inside the bottle. There is some controversy over plastics and the safety of reusing them because of chemicals leaching into the water. If in doubt use a refillable water bottle that is made of a safe plastic or other material.

It's Been To Long

Yes, I've been a bad blogger lately. I've been re-uniting myself with some old crafting passions, so I've been designing and beading and crocheting instead of blogging. My idea is to bring some hand crafted items to my blog. I am working on a water themed jewelry line using a variety of mediums. Stay tuned for these items in the future.

I do want to mention today the Grand Canyon in Arizona. They have released huge amounts of water into the Colorado River to try to restore the environment. Both the environment and endangered species have suffered hugely since the Glen Canyon Dam was built in 1963. This water release is an attempt to restore the sandbars for a 277 mile stretch of the Grand Canyon National Park which have eroded over the years. The sand bars provide a habitat for wild life, plant life, camp areas for tourists and help to protect archaeological sites. Scientists are also hoping the high flows will create backwaters (areas of low velocity flow) which are used by young native fish. This is a very interesting but yet controversial subject. Not everyone is pleased. More info will follow in a future post.

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel. I welcome your comments

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