Wednesday, March 19

Water High

Today's Water Tip:
Re Use. It's amazing how much water runs down the drain while doing little chores. Try washing fruits and veggies in a dishpan and then watering your plants with the water left in the pan. It saves water and helps you remember to water the plants too. It's a double whammie!

Water High
Well here's another reason to take care of those drinking water wells out there. Pharmaceuticals are being found in large public surface drinking water systems around the U.S. Our nations surface water comes from rivers, lakes, reservoirs or streams. The water is treated before it is delivered to your tap. Some cities use surface water and others don't. Selah, the town were I live in is supplied by several wells around the area.

Evidently the current treatment method isn't removing all of these substances from the surface water drinking supply. The water is treated when it comes into the system from the river for purity, and then it is treated for purity again before it goes back into the river . I guess what's going back to the river isn't as pure as we thought. Tell me this, are all of our fish high in these rivers? What about the people? It's not like you can pick what you get.

This a good enough reason for me to believe that we need to conserve and protect this resource more than ever. Take care of those groundwater wells they are our purest form of water and we need them. Hopefully through technology this dilemma can be resolved. But you know what. It really makes you think.

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel.
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