Thursday, April 17

A New Adventure

Today's Water Tip:
Water is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment. If you have access to a pool or lake, you have a great opportunity to improve your health. Swimming and water walking are a wonderful way to get in shape. The resistance of the water, along with the fact that exercising in water takes stress off your joints can be a winning combo. Try it and have fun while you get fit!

A New Adventure

I got a new job! I started working this week at a local telecommunications company. I am having a great time. I am training to be a dispatcher, but I will also still be assisting Bill in our water company.

In a nutshell, things are gonna be busy, busy, busy. My blog is something I have enjoyed as a creative outlet and a way to send a message for the world to see. I plan to continue, but my posts may be less frequent for a while.

In the water world I have been thinking a lot about how water relates to our health. How much better our bodies function when we fuel it with sufficient hydration. Our skin and hair look better, our organs work better, and we seriously feel better when we drink lots of water. It is such a simple solution to avoid some very serious problems. My message to you today is to make yourself a priority. Treat your self right, eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and get some exercise several times a week, if not daily. The benefits far outweigh the time spent.

With my new job, I will definitely need my energy, I hope a healthy lifestyle will be one of the keys to my success.

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel. I welcome your comments

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