Tuesday, October 12

Jim Gaffigan on bottled water

Bottled water is a huge industry now...and to think most of us can just walk to our sink and get it for free...but no, lets create a lot of waste in our world instead. Here's a little humor on the subject:

Jim Gaffigan - Bottled Water

Have A Waterful Day!! I welcome your comments


cosmic said...

Aw, I can't watch this!

Just a quickie, don't be too hard on bottled water. The reality in the developing world is that bottled water could and should be used to get this vital resource to the worlds poorest. The only way this will happen is through the continued expansion of companies like Volvic and Evian. It took me a lot of study to come to terms with that fact!

Of course, we in the West take things for granted, and are currently extremely wasteful, but sometimes things should be allowed to run their natural course before we all turn against them!


J Trout said...

Yes Matt I agree that bottled water has it's place, many would not be able to survive with out it. You did hit the nail on the head, it is the wastefulness of people who are supplied with perfectly good water who are creating the problem. And every one should keep a small supply in case of emergency. In daily life, if people with good water would just use a refillable water bottle, it would make a big impact.