Wednesday, April 9


Today's Water Tip:
Use a sprayer on your outside garden hose to water the garden or wash your car, etc. It's amazing how much water it saves.

I like Wednesday’s, not as much as Friday’s of course, but I kinda feel like I’m on top of the hill, getting ready to coast down. I’m on my old 10 speed I had as a kid, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY, WHOO HOO it’s the weekend, OK not yet, but soon!

When I do coast into the weekend I have some plans, and yes they involve water. I am going to wash my car, and give my spring bulbs their first drink of the year from the garden hose. That's it. Pretty boring huh! I may even pull a weed or two! Oh well, even if I don't have the most exciting weekend plans I am pleased that the weather is getting warm enough to get outside and enjoy my yard and the outdoors. I would like to remind you as you wash your car and water your bulbs this weekend (if you feel driven to do so as I do) that you don't need to flood the garden, the driveway or the grass to get these tasks done, use a sprayer on your hose that shuts on and off and only put the water where you need it. Every little bit of conservation helps. Really!

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel. I welcome your comments

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Becky said...

I enjoy reading your Water Hints. I like your blog!
Your Buddy Becky