Tuesday, April 8

What Do You Want?

Today's Water Tip:
Clean your grout with a a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of water and baking soda, make a paste, use an old toothbrush and scrub away. It will also work on wet counter tops, bathrooms or any place where tough stains exist. You don't have to buy expensive, harmful chemicals to clean your home. This is better for you and your environment.

What Do You Want?
What do any of us really want? Think about it. Some think it's wealth, some think it's fame, I think it's reality. The reality is we are looking at a world begging for nurturing, soothing, rebuilding. We can not strip it bare and expect anything more than.....bareness.

I want more, what do you want? It's time to decide, it's time to act, it's time to nurture. Give back to a world that's given it's all. The beauty, the fresh air, the cool water that you have enjoyed, that you have taken for granted to always be there for you, now needs you. Give back, take care of the world you love, so it will always be there.

The wide spectrum of water uses, turn round and round, like a
water wheel. I welcome your comments

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