Sunday, January 4

A Time of Change

Today's Water Tip:
Shaving a few minutes off your morning shower can save hundreds of gallons of water over a short amount of time.

A Time of Change
The holidays are over, and now we all pick up where we left off, except now we have to get used to writing the date. It always takes me a while to get it down, old habits die hard.

Speaking of old habits, I am setting new goals for the new year. I would like to get rid of some of those old habits. One of my goals is to become aware of the waste that I am responsible for. Yes I said that "I am responsible for". Once we all start to realize that it is our responsibility to conserve, reuse, recycle, and simply protect our planet and it's natural resources, we can move forward to a new way of thinking and living.

This new way of thinking is not really new, just another aspect of life that has come full circle. Technology has helped us in so many way's, but it has also made us lazy in the way we live. We don't have to think about things like, where does our water come from? Will we have enough to finish out the day? How will we manage tomorrow? In many ways we are lucky to have this peace of mind, in other ways we have been enabled to be wasteful and careless with our precious resource, water. This could pose problems for our future generations.

Our economy is such that recycling, conserving and protecting will only help us all in the long run. It's simply time to make the realization, make the changes, and make our world a better one for the future. We will save money, save water, and help to save our planet too!

Have A Waterful Day!! I welcome your comments

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