Tuesday, February 17

How Strong is Water?

Today's Water Tip:
Wash your veggies in a dishpan, and then reuse the water in your dishpan to water your house or patio plants. Every little bit of conservation helps. If we all start using smart conservation practices, we will save a lot of water.

How Strong is Water?
All is well here in Waterland. Along with our normal duties of water system management we have been busy working hard on survey and cross connection jobs...AND we started a new division called Trout Water's Specialty Gifts and Baskets. We are taking orders for custom gift baskets. We offer food, wine, spa products, themes, etc.

Along with having a fun creative outlet for our business, we will be promoting things like recycling, reuse, conservation and preservation of our natural resources, we want to generate public awareness for some very important aspects of life. Clean water, fresh air, wholesome food and personal care products, things that we all want.

There is a lot to be said for the power of nature. The power of water alone is overwhelming. It's power in a flood, or the strength it has as it supports a ship. It's life support abilities in nourishing a human, creature, or plant. The power of water is something under estimated by so many, which has resulted in neglect. Water can sustain life, it can cut steel, it can also kill, with it's power and quality. It can support an agricultural community, it can sustain an underwater world of fish and sea life. It's worth is so huge that we can not even fathom its magnitude.

Where would we be without water? It's protection is crucial to our future. We can all help by learning and gaining awareness. Conservation is big, using things like sprinkler timers and hose nozzles to control water usage will help a lot. Also don't let gallons and gallons of water run down the street when washing your car. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth. Use the water you washed veggies in to water house plants. These are all just ideas for saving water. These ideas used along with smart practices, like installing backflow devices to protect the public drinking water, all play a huge part in the survival of our water supply.

Please email me for more information on backflow devices or Cross Connection.

Have A Waterful Day!! I welcome your comments

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